Mission & Vision

Our Mission

A place of hope in the hills

Our Vision

Hope in the Hills Christian Church is called to bring hope to the hills community by sharing the good news of Jesus through word and action, and growing as disciples who also make disciples of others.

Our core values

We use the acronym FUDGE to describe how we see ourselves:

Following Jesus

Jesus is the leader of our church. We seek to listen to him and put nothing in the way of his leadership.

Using Gifts

Ministry is by all of us in our community, since the Spirit has gifted each believer in a unique way. These gifts are for teaching, caring, sharing so those within the church and community come to know Jesus and grow as his disciples.

Displaying Grace

We want everyone to know how gracious God is – that anyone can be reconciled with God through faith by grace alone. We want to display grace and generosity by our caring, and be a witness to the impact the Good News has in all areas of life.

Growing Community

We want to display the grace of Jesus by how we live together in community. We want to grow in number as more people share in the joy of relating with Jesus, and also mature in our own growth as we become more like Jesus.

Experiencing Life

We want to see people experience the wonder of the Good News in real and meaningful ways in their lives – to sense the hope and joy of life as it’s meant to be, in God’s grace.