Children, Youth & Families

Philosophy of Ministry to Children, Youth and Families


The following words from the Bible are helpful in shaping our understanding of families and faith:

“The Lord is our God. The Lord is the one and only God. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love him with all your strength. The commandments I give you today must be in your hearts. Make sure your children learn them. Talk about them when you are at home. Talk about them when you walk along the road. Speak about them when you go to bed. And speak about them when you get up.” (Deuteronomy 6:4-7)

At Hope in the Hills, we want our children and young people to hear about God often, and to see that He is worth loving. We want parents in our church to see that the best way their children will learn this, is to hear it in the home. By talking about God, and living lives that reflect the love and forgiveness of God, their children will be learning about Him every single day.

The church can help by being a community that encourages and supports parents in this difficult job, gives them resources to use, models the Christian faith for their children, and provides regular child and youth-friendly programs where kids can hang out with other kids and adults and explore life, meaning, and Christianity.

With all of these elements combined, we hope that all our children and young people will experience firsthand the incredible comfort, care, love and joy of being a part of a church that God has brought together.


Mentoring & Discipleship

Because the church is here to love God – and help others learn to do the same – we encourage all members of our congregation, including our young people, to look out for opportunities to help others grow through regular mentoring. This mentoring can involve meeting one-on-one, listening to people’s stories, helping them set and achieve goals, and seeking God’s help through prayer, with and for them.