Community Support

As part of the church’s mission to be a place of ‘hope in the hills’ various programs are run to provide community support:

Our Deacons provide financial support to those in need, as well as advocacy for people who are marginalised or vulnerable. Deacons can be contacted through the church office.

Hope on Friday provides food every Friday morning to anyone who has a need. Simply turn up at the church hall at 8:30am on any Friday morning. Please bring your own bags.

Pastoral Care can help if someone is lonely, unwell or in need of personal support and encouragement. The Pastoral Care Team can be contacted through the church office.

Prayer support is available to everyone through the Prayer Ministry Team, please contact the church office to get in touch with the Prayer Team.

Donations are always welcome! While much of our work is done by volunteers, there are still costs involved in providing our important Community Support programs. If you would like to help us keep these programs running by making a donation please contact the church office.

Donations to the Deacons in support of Hope on Friday are tax deductible.